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After over ten years living in various corners of the world, I am proud to be back in my home town, Seattle.

Currently I am working as a freelance consultant but am interested in hearing about any opportunities you may have.

2334 Elliott Avenue
Seattle, WA, 98121
United States




Keith Hopper

Product Innovation

Will surpasses expectations and over-delivers. His hustle, attitude and design skills surpass his peers. We worked together on new products that will have a significant impact in the marketplace. Get his help now before I do.


Brodie Rich

Director of Experience Design at BEAM Interactive

Will has been a huge asset to Beam. His multi-faceted background allows him to wear multiple hats which is paramount in a smaller agency. From user testing to rapid prototyping, Will has been thrown into a variety of roles and excelled at all of them. He is quick thinking, easy to work with and comfortable presenting to clients.


Derek Wakeen

Contract Designer / Art Director

Will is the definition of a 'form-follows-function' thinker. He deconstructs complex problems into simple solutions for both digital and industrial products, with an answer for every step of the way. If you work with Will, you'll recognize he cares about his client's vision and will go the extra mile to evolve that vision into something real. Overall, he's as likable as they come and is genuinely interested in people and their passions - which speaks to his detail-oriented approach with keeping humans in mind. I'd recommend working with Will any day.


Luis Alonso Martínez

Senior Visual Designer at Rightpoint

I had the opportunity to work with Will on different projects while working at Beam. He has always proved to be a very knowledgeable, easy to work with and proactive UX Designer. Will excels at user research and testing and being able to provide valuable insight to the design team. His information architecture skills dramatically helped UI/Visual Designers to understand and solve complex problems keeping the overall user flow in mind. He’s always committed to help projects move forward by either sharing design inspiration and references or efficiently helping manage deliverables with the development team. I feel lucky to have worked with him and I think he would a be a great addition to any design team.


Steffi Lee

UX Designer

Will started as my direct manager at BEAM, but quickly became my friend and mentor. I worked with Will during my internship until I was converted, with his help, to be a full-time employee. What amazed me about Will was how he applied his empathetic disposition not only to his amazing UX work, but also to how he treated his colleagues and superiors. Always humble and understanding, Will patiently taught me everything I needed to excel at UX design from the ground-up. He always knew when I was feeling overwhelmed or frustrated, cheering me up with an explanation, a smile, and a coffee. Anyone would be lucky to learn a tenth of what I was able to learn from Will.


Andrew Mocny

Lead Product Designer at Betterment

I studied with Will at RISD and have worked with him on many projects. Thoughtful and extremely talented, Will asks smart questions and cares deeply about the end user. He thinks critically, works tremendously hard, and has some of the best design instincts I’ve ever encountered. I've learned a lot from working with Will and consider him one of the best designers I know.  Any company, team, or project would truly benefit from his talent and expertise.


Ricky Brandano

Senior Designer at OHO Interactive

I worked alongside Will in his role at OHO Interactive as a Senior UX Lead. I can't think of another colleague in my career that has jumped into a role with as much tenacity and determination as he did. From day one, Will was eager to find ways to improve our organization – wether it be process and work-related or by being a fantastic culture fit. He also impressed team members and clients alike with his abilities as a UX designer. Will demonstrated a strong desire to innovate and design cutting-edge web experiences, while always being extremely conscious of timelines, budgets, and other constraints. I wouldn't hesitate for a second to recommend Will for any future positions. He'd be a great addition to any organization.


Elizabeth Johansen

Director of Product Design at Jana Care

Will was part of the Design that Matters team from the beginning of the Firefly newborn phototherapy project. Will took our partner’s oftentimes conflicting business needs, international healthcare context, and manufacturing capabilities into account. The result is a design that is all at once clean, contemporary, medical, and cozy for a baby.

Since its launch, Firefly has become a gateway technology for DtM's partner Thrive Networks, enabling their newborn healthcare program to expand into 18 countries to-date. Firefly manufacturer MTTS has created a new portfolio of newborn medical devices based on Will’s Firefly design language, including the Dolphin CPAP and Colibri overhead phototherapy device.

Will is that unique person who is a team player who can ensure every design will shine. At DtM, Will contributed in many ways beyond design of medical devices, including reimagining DtM’s website and print media. He would be an invaluable asset to any team who wants to use design as a tool to achieve scale and impact.


Danny Kim

Founder / CEO / CTO of Lit Motors Corporation

Will Harris is a talented, diligent designer with scrupulous punctuality and a natural talent for organization. Will is a powerhouse and was a valuable adhesive force in creativity and management for conception of Lit Motors.  Team work and ambition imbue his professionalism. He is a guaranteed positive addition to any project or team.